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About US

The firm was founded in 2007 and specializes in media consultations for countries, embassies and organizations in the private and public sectors, including incoming and outgoing tourism agencies, culture events, Jewish communities, hi-tech companies, clean-tech, environment protection and more. We work with the Israeli and international media.

The CEO of Yossifon PR is Golan Yossifon, former spokesperson for the Ministry of Tourism and for the Ministry of Communications, former VP in a PR and international media company, and a journalist at Maariv newspaper for 10 years, responsible for covering a wide range of subjects including the President’s house, courts, investigation committees, investigations on environment protection for the Maariv weekend section and more.

Golan has an MA in American Studies from Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a BA in Political Science, Middle Eastern Studies and English Literature from Ben-Gurion University.

Yossifon PR offers public relations, spokesmanship and media strategy services, including on handling media crises in Israeli and international media. The firm maintains expansive connections with editors and writers for the written, electronic and digital media.

Our clients include the embassies of Korea, Croatia, Slovenia, Peru, Portugal and Panama. Other clients include General Electric, Bnai Brith World Center, the Ein Yael Interactive Museum and more. In 2014 the CEO of the firm, Golan Yossifon, gave a seminar on public relations and media to BA marketing students in CETYS University in Mexico.

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